SPANISH LICENCE: How long can a Brit drive on a British licence in Spain?


The answer is indefinitely, as long as the licence remains current and as long as the holder passes the mandatory Spanish periodical medical tests.

If the licence ever needs to be renewed (as a UK photocard licence does every 10 years and as any UK licence has to be at age 70), and the holder has moved permanently to Spain, then it has to be renewed as a Spanish licence because a British licence cannot be registered to a Spanish address.

But using a British licence registered to a Brtiasiths address at which the holder is not longer resident is illegal in British law.

More here: www.spainvia.com/drivelicenceletteradsl.htm.

Covered by EU Directive 91/439/CEE where citizens do not have to change their Driving Licences and Spanish Law after a Court decision in Brussels after Spain objected to drivers from other stateds not having to undergo regular medicals.


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