Need a car to use in Spain - should I buy here or abroad?

I need to buy an automatic car, as a runabout, to keep in Spain (probably for £4K - £5K). I'm aware that cars in Spain are more expensive, so would it be better to purchase a left hand drive car here in England and have it transported over, paying the appropriate Spanish Tax and registration costs? Or should I buy one when I go out there?

Asked on 23 November 2016 by LJJS

Answered by Honest John
The used car trade in Spain, particularly in the South, keeps private punters out of auctions to protect its margins that can easily be 30 per cent. But there are some car supersites in Catalonia that are kept well stocked with cars coming off summer rental fleets. Obviously better to buy one of them at the beginning of the winter rather than after its been sitting doing nothing in a compound for six months. LHD prices in the UK now reflect LHD prices in the countries the cars come from, so they are not cheap. I'd save yourself a lot of hassle by buying in Spain, but, if you're brave, buy your LHD in a country such as Germany where the cars are often extremely high on the kilometres, then use your Spanish assessor to sort out the paperwork for the tax and registration process.
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