Should I ship my Mini Moke back to the UK for restoration and sale or just sell it in Spain?

I have a mid 1960s Mini Moke based in Marbella area of Spain (its UK built, LHD, Spanish registered). It needs some light restoration but there are very few specalists in this area of Spain.

I want to sell it but wonder if its worth getting it back to the UK to a specialist and then selling as there is likely a bigger market. Or seeing what I can get in Spain, without restoration?

Asked on 8 August 2023 by Jeff Stewart

Answered by David Ross
If you want to sell your Moke, you need to work out the cost of shipping the car back to the UK plus the cost of the restoration required against the potentially selling price, versus what you would achieve for a sale in Spain.

Unless prices are significantly higher in the UK we would estimate that selling it in Spain will get you a similar outcome, as well as avoiding the effort and expense of shipping and restoration.
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