Should I keep and restore my Land Rover Discovery 2, or swap it for a Discovery 3 or 4?

Looking for a LR Discovery derivative that will last me next 10 years with little bother, be able to tow caravan and easy to drive - autobox etc.

Having saved up, I will shortly have £20k to £25k burning a hole in my pocket. I currently have a low mileage (110k) 2003 Discovery 2 TD5 manual 5 seater which is a little tired inside, but is otherwise ok, but, it needs a little welding each year for MOT.

Should I get the D2 chassis replaced with a galvanised one and while body is off replace all suspension joints / bushes, under body brake lines, replace clutch, service gearbox etc?

Or buy a high spec low mileage 2008/9 Discovery 3 for around £12k then spend remainder fixing known issues - Suspension arms, brake discs, calipers, airbags / compressor hard to get at brake lines that corrode, cambelts etc... ending with a useable D3.

Or buy the best low mileage SE/HSE spec 2015/16 Discovery 4 I can find and hope engine does not blow or anything costly happen in the next 10 years.

Simply, restomod my D2 or buy and restomod a D3. Although I love the D4 I think this might be a money pit option. What do you think?

Asked on 4 August 2023 by Philip Moore

Answered by David Ross
Given you already have a good knowledge of each generation of Land Rover Discovery and the common problems, we think it becomes more a matter of how attached you are to your current example.

If trouble-free ownership is the most important factor, then having a car you already own and know well restored to a high standard is a good way to go about this. However closely you examine another used example you can never completely eliminate something unexpected going wrong.

However, if you are finding your Discovery 2 is feeling outdated then a Discovery 3 brings a little more modernity but will leave you some budget spare to ensure it is fit and healthy.
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