COOLANT: How long does it last and which type should I use? 


This is a recent press release from Comma:-

As motoring technology continues to evolve, Comma, the car care people has announced the launch of a new coolant - Comma Super Longlife Red Coolant.

Just like engine oils, coolants are becoming ‘engine specific’. In addition to the agents that protect against winter freeze and summer overheating, they include sophisticated chemical ‘packages’ which are formulated to give corrosion protection to the wide variety of different metals – particularly aluminum – and other materials that they will come into contact with.

It's therefore recommended to refill or top-up with a coolant which is either approved by manufacturers or meets their requirements. If motorists don’t, there is the risk of mixing two different types of coolant and, at best, significantly reducing or, at worst, cancelling out the protective properties of both coolants.

To ensure Comma meets the requirements of major manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Porsche, Comma Super Longlife Red Coolant includes OAT (Organic Acid Technology) - the most advanced chemical protection package yet devised. 70% of European-manufactured cars are now factory filled with OAT – red type – coolants, which makes Comma Super Longlife Red Coolant suitable for an increasing number of motorists.

Comma Xstream Longlife 'red' lasts for 5 years. Comma Xstram Extralife 'green' lasts for 3 years.

Further information, including an application guide, which details whether Comma Super Longlife Red Coolant is suitable for a motorists vehicle, is available online at www.commaoil.com

Comma Super Longlife 'red' Coolant is available from Motorworld, CAAR retailers, A1 Motorstores and most good independent motor accessory retailers. Prices start at £7.99 for 2litres and £12.49 for 5litres.  


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