SsangYong Turismo (2013–)

What's good

Seven year warranty from October 2018.


31-01-2017: R/2016/283: Shock absorber may fail causing front wheel to rub on wheel arch: There is a possibility that the front shock absorbers could fail, due to cracking around the lower shock absorber bush. This may cause the wheel/tyre to rub the wheel arch. Fix: On affected vehicles replace both front shock absorbers. Build dates: 25-03-2014 to 14-11-2014.

29-09-2017: R/2017/254: FRONT LOWER BALL JOINT MAY FAIL. Due to a manufacturing issue with the front lower ball joint, there is a possibility that the surface of the ball joint may be damaged while driving. If the vehicle is operated continuously, the ball joint may experience excessive damage and fail. Fix: All vehicles identified will have both front lower ball joints replaced. Vins: KPTV0B1TSEP091869 to KPTV0B1TSFP100756; KPTV0B1TSEP091869 to KPTV0B1TSFP100756. Build dates: 25-03-2014 to 31-01-2015.

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