Smart Fortwo (2014–2019)

What's good

Perfect for driving in town, making light work of multi-storey car parks and tight parking spaces.

Surprisingly spacious cabin and boot.

90PS engine is good in or out of town.

Smart ForTwo 2014 achieves 4 Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 82% adult protection; 80% child protection; 56% pedestrian protection; 56% safety assist.

Spare parts for Smarts from italy:

What to watch out for

71PS engine is a little lacklustre out of town and needs to be worked hard.

Obviously it only has two seats, so is no good for families.

Smart 453 ForTwos with the EDC automatic transmission cannot be 'flat towed' behind a motorhome.

16-7-2018: Seems to be a problem with the electric windows of Smart 453 ForTwo models sticking down. The windows can eventually be closed by incrementally 'nudging' them up a little at a time by short switch activations.

23-9-2018: Complaint that range of Smart Electric is not the claimed 99 miles. "In the 2 weeks we have had ours, we have never had an indicated range of more than 72 miles, and in reality, less. Temperatures have been moderate: between 12 and 18 degrees C, and we have been careful to minimise electric consumption from functions within the car (AC, radio, etc)."

3-10-2018: Report of manual transmission of 2016 Smart ForTwo "locking up" and refusing to go into gear. Even though it's a manual, it might ber necessary to use the footbrake to free the gearshift?

25-6-2019: Owner's experience of 2015 Smart ForTwo Premium turbo. From September 2018, difficulty filling with fuel. Sometimes petrol pump will 'cancel' after just 2-3 litres. After much fiddling, tank consumes an additional 15 litres. Dealership unable to replicate / diagnose. No response to the suggested potential for carbon filter blockage preventing ventilation. Leads to erratic brim to brim mpg of 26.7 to 90.8 Average during ownership = 51.4. September 2018. Gauge fault - sometimes goes down after filling up with petrol. Dealership performed a software update, only one recurrence since (May 2019). Autumn 2018 to present. White smoke on acceleration; most noticeable early in the day, but does not reliably correspond with cold conditions. No dealership feedback. Autumn 2018 to present. Intermittent mis-fire / 'hesitation' on positive acceleration. Occurs in middle of rev range. No dealership feedback. Autumn 2018 to present. Faint grinding noise, mostly observable at lower speeds. Diagnosed in June 2019 as faulty clutch (requires replacement). Mercedes Benz to contribute 51% of cost. Dealership initially refused to cover the remainder, but has since agreed after discussion. Autumn 2018 to present. Persistent suspicion of a 'blowing' exhaust; no dealership feedback.

16-7-2019: Report of 2017/67 Smart ForTwo 900 Turbo showing intermittent message when engine turned off of Orange eco stop sign and “malfunction see owners manual”. First the dealer charged battery, then replaced battery and now dealer tells owner it’s a known fault since Sept 2017, but won’t give him a copy of the Mercedes service bulletin stating that. Car purchased new in December 2017 and owner was not told about it. The message only started to appear from May 2019. "There is no fix apparently as they reckon it does not affect the running of the car and is just a timings issue." It also has started to very occasionally run self-test when owner turns it off (many warning lights and speedo flicks from left to right). Historically that only happened every time he started it. Now it occasionally does it when he turn it off. Ddealer tells me it’s normal.


Smart ForTwo Built 01/04/2015-31/05/2015 Number of cars involved 102 Manufacturer reference SRS1503 Problem Faulty software could cause the transmission control unit in vehicles with the dual clutch transmission to fail and the vehicle could roll away. Solution Recall affected cars and update the software.

25-8-2015: R/2015/147: Smart ForTwo: The software of the transmission control unit in vehicles with dual clutch transmission may not be correct. As a result, the operating lock of the transmission selector lever may not function as intended causing, in some circumstances, the vehicle to roll when not expected. Recall Affected vehicles and update transmission control software. VINs: WME4533422K030127 to WME4533422K037303; Build dates: 1-4-2015 to 31-5-2015.

25-8-2015: R/2015/146: Smart ForTwo: The engine control unit may not be programmed correctly. In rare cases it is possible for the acceleration or deceleration not to be as the driver’s request. Therefore a critical driving situation could occur. However, the power of the brake enables the driver to stop the vehicle at any time. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and update the engine control unit software. VINs: WME4533422K019460 to WME4533422K036307; Build dates: 1-8-2014 to 31-5-2015

28-8-2015: R/2015/153: Smart ForTwo: The welding of the bracket for the torsion bar linkage at the shock absorber may not be to specification. It is therefore possible, with extremely high loads, for the weld seams of the bracket to tear. In this condition the driving characteristics of the vehicle will be adversely affected and the tyres could be compromised at large steering angles giving an increased risk of collision. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the front shock absorbers. VINs: WME4533421K000433 to WME4533441K000767; Build dates: 1-4-2014 to 30-11-2015

25-8-2016: R/2015/170: Smart ForTwo: Due to an incorrectly designed bracket, Park may not engage or disengage as intended. Recall affected vehicles, check and if necessary replace the bracket. VINs: WME4533422K033191 to WME4533422K039068; Build dates 27-4-2015 to 27-7-2015.

25-8-2016: R/2015/144: Smart ForTwo: The operating lock in the gear selector lever module may not have been assembled correctly. Therefore it might be possible to operate the gear selector lever without pressing the brake pedal and without the key in position “ignition on”. If the vehicle is not properly secured with the parking brake, it could start rolling by shifting from “P” after pressing the release knob. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the selector lever module and, if necessary replace it. VINs: WME4533422K019460 to WME4533422K020336; Build dates: 1-8-2014 to 31-3-2015.

25-09-2017: R/2017/245: HANDBRAKE MAY NOT HOLD. Due to possible loosening of the adjuster lock nut, parking brake lever travel may become excessive and the parking brake may not be fully applied. If the vehicle is not parked in accordance with handbook instructions it is possible the vehicle could move. Fix: On affected vehicles check and where necessary replace the adjuster lock nut. Build dates: 01-04-2014 to 31-01-2016.

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