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Skoda Scala (2019) At A Glance

Generously equipped. Easy to drive. Large and comfortable interior. Huge boot.

Unexciting to drive. Lots of road and wind noise on the motorway. Hit and miss cabin quality.

New prices start from £16,370
Insurance Groups are between 10–14
On average it achieves 83% of the official MPG figure

The Skoda Scala is an affordable family hatchback that provides decent levels of comfort and space at a price most car buyers can afford. However, while the Scala is practical and generously equipped, it doesn't excel in any particular area and this means it always feels a step or two behind key rivals, like the Ford Focus and Kia Ceed. 

The Scala make a strong case for itself when it comes to value and practicality. Equipment levels are impressively high across the board and entry-level models get LED headlights, a leather steering wheel and a space saver spare as standard. Skoda has packed a huge amount of space into the Scala too, with its 467-litre boot being one of the largest in the compact family car class. 

Ride comfort is generally fine and most versions get 16-inch wheels as standard. However, on rough roads, the Scala has the occasionally tendency to become unsettled as the suspension recoils as it covers pot holes and speed bumps. 

The Scala can't match the Focus or Civic for driver reward, with the overpowered steering and soft-set suspension giving the handling a distinctly vague feel. Refinement is also below par in a few areas, with with the Scala generating lots of wind and road noise on the motorway.

Buyers are given the choice of three engines, made up of two petrols and one diesel with power outputs ranging from 95PS to 150PS. All engines, with the exception of the entry-level 95PS unit, are available with a seven-speed DSG transmission.

Most drivers will opt for the 115PS 1.0-litre TSI petrol, which returns an advertised 49mpg - 44mpg (manual) or 45mpg - 40mpg (automatic). The 1.0 TSI can feel a little breathless when fully laden with four adults (0-62mph takes 10 seconds) but for the most part if feels at home in the Scala with lots of low-gear pull and hished levels of engine noise and vibration. 

Some might argue that Skoda has perhaps played it a little too safe with the Scala, by producing a decent family hatchback that doesn't excel or falter in any particular area. However, with the Focus being better to drive, and the Ceed getting the better warranty deal, the Scala feels a little too short on quality to trouble the best in the compact family class.  

Skoda Scala 1.5 TSI 150 SE L DSG Road Test

Looking for a Skoda Scala (2019 on)?
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Real MPG average for a Skoda Scala (2019)

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42–52 mpg

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Should a car with start-stop still be put into neutral when stopped?
I test drove a Skoda Scala 1.0 DSG and noticed the car switched off the engine at the lights with the car still in Drive because of start-stop. Does this mean that you do not have to put the gear selector in neutral when stopped?
This is perfect normal for this model of vehicle. However, if stopped at lights or heavy traffic, I recommend putting it in N and applying the handbrake to avoid blinding the driver behind with the vehicle's brake lights.
Answered by Dan Powell
What small/medium size cars come with heated seats and a heated steering wheel?
What small/medium size cars come with heated seats, screens, and steering wheels either as standard or as extra winter packs? My daughter suffers from a mobility condition and needs to be kept warm. Does Kia offer such a pack?
Kia doesn't offer packs like this, but its models are generally well-equipped. The Ceed comes with heated seats and a heated steering wheel on GT-Line trim as standard. Consider a Skoda Scala - that's available with a Winter Pack, including heated seats and washer nozzles, while a heated steering wheel can be fitted as an optional extra. Also look at the Ford Focus. A heated windscreen is standard across the range, while a heated steering wheel and seats are available on higher-spec models.
Answered by Andrew Brady

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