SEAT Altea XL (2007 – 2015) Review

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SEAT Altea XL (2007 – 2015) At A Glance


+Longer than standard Altea. Very roomy inside and a huge boot. Decent amount of kit. Excellent crash test rating.

-Only five seats. Less versatile than a Renault Scenic. Ride quality not forgiving enough

Insurance Groups are between 10–21
On average it achieves 85% of the official MPG figure

Looking for a SEAT Altea XL (2007 - 2015)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

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Real MPG average for a SEAT Altea XL (2007 – 2015)


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Average performance


Real MPG

34–62 mpg

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DSG gearbox problems
"I have a SEAT Altea and the DSG 7 gear box completely failed (went from 4th to 1st). SEAT will not accept any responsibility even though the fault is not down to wear or tear. I have been quoted £6500 for repairs. I have been told that the failure is typical of incidents reported worldwide. What is this problem?"
The dry clutch DSG7 has had a lot of problems the commonest of which was due to having been filled with synthetic oil on the production line because when this gets very hot it becomes conductive and fuses the Mechatronics unit. The worldwide service bulletin was to replace the synthetic oil with mineral oil, but this only applied to DSG7 from 2010 to 2013. All dual clutch transmissions require a routine change of transmission fluid anyway every 3 - 4 years. The Altea XL is dated from 2007, but you did not state how old yours is. Supplier and manufacturer liability generally ends after 6 years. For a cheaper fix than the ridiculous £6500, tray a member of
Answered by Honest John
Can you recommend a car with easy access?
"I am getting on in years and am not as flexible as I was. As a result I need to get a newer car with a higher riding position for access and egress. Will the SEAT Altea XL fulfil these requirements? "
The SEAT Altea XL is a stretched Altea. Still a five-seater but with increased luggage space. I'd also look at a Mazda 5 and a Ford C-Max. They are all 'walk-in' cars, best with flat unbolstered front seats.
Answered by Honest John
Which wheels can I fit to a SEAT Altea?
"I have a Seat Altea XL Stylance 19. TDi with 205/55/R16 wheels and have the opportunity to get a set of 195/65/R15 wheels. The motivation is my rims are very corroded and the free set is in brilliant condition (and as a bonus the tyres on the 195's are still very good as well). Is there is difference in circumference between these two sizes and would it make a significant difference if I put the 15-inch wheels on? "
The circumference should match almost perfectly, and the basic Altea 1.9TDI was on 15-inch wheels so they must fit around the front brakes and callipers.
Answered by Honest John
SEAT Altea XL - which winter tyres are best?
"I'm strongly considering buying winter tyres for my Seat Altea XL with 205/55/r16 (91V) tyres. Can you recommend a good set? Also, do winter tyres have a different load and speed rating than summer tyres or should they be the same? How does this effect my insurance?"
If you want to leave them on all year, go for Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons, Bridgestone A001s or Vredestein Quatracs as these perform as well as cold weather tyres in the winter yet wear well and perform well in the summer. Go for a higher speed and load rating to make sure you are covered. No need to tell your insurer about swapping the tyres alone; only if you change wheel and tyres size in order to do so.
Answered by Honest John

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