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Porsche Macan (2014) At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The Porsche Macan is a car that can drop your kids at school and your labrador to the dog-sitter’s, and then thrills your socks off on the way to work.

+The best car of its type to drive hands down, plush-feeling interior, great engines and a fabulous automatic gearbox.

-Rivals are considerably more practical not to mention considerably cheaper, some key equipment is optional including automatic emergency braking.

New prices start from £46,485
Insurance Group 50
On average it achieves 75% of the official MPG figure

If you want your sporty SUV to be as sporty as it can possibly be, the 2014 Porsche Macan is the only choice. It drives with a level of polish that no rival can even come close to matching, making it terrifically enjoyable and hugely desirable. Yes, rivals like the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC are more practical, and better equipped, and although they’re also really good to drive, they can’t get close to the Macan for fun.

Looking for a Porsche Macan (2014 on)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Cynicism is a funny old thing. The cynic in you might suspect that the Macan is nothing more than Porsche being, well, cynical.

After all, SUVs - especially small ones, and especially ones with prestige badges - have been flying out of showrooms for a number of years now. So surely, the Macan is nothing more than Porsche attempting to cash in on this success and get a bigger slice of the pie than the larger Cayenne can get on its own, right?

Well, maybe, maybe not. But whatever the case, that doesn’t stop the Macan being a proper Porsche. As we’ll discover, the Macan isn’t perfect by any means, but at doing the things that Porsche is famous for, it’s pretty much flawless.

Obviously, there’s one area above all others where a Porsche has to deliver, and that’s in how it drives. And on that score, the Macan is nothing short of sublime.

It displays physics-defying levels of body control when you change direction, and with massive grip and wonderful balance from a rear-biased four-wheel drive system, it’ll simply drive away from any rival along a twisty road, putting a broad grin on your face as it does so.

Even better is the steering, which just like all the best Porsches, immerses you in the action every step of the way. What’s more the ride is comfortable enough for family car duties, and refinement is good enough to make long stints at the wheel an absolute pleasure.

All the engines punch hard, with more and more punch as you progress up the range, so performance levels are easily worthy of the Porsche badge. All in all, this thing isn’t just great to drive by SUV standards, it’s great to drive by any standard.

The other area in which a Porsche must dazzle is quality: after all, if you’re going to pay so much for a car, you want it to feel worth it. The Macan might be one of Porsche’s most affordable models, but it doesn’t feel like a poor relation, with a sumptuously trimmed and substantially built interior. 

In fairness, there are a fair few areas in which the Macan isn’t quite so dazzling. As we’ve said, it’s pricey compared with most rivals, and most of those rivals are considerably roomier, considerably more practical and considerably better equipped, particularly when it comes to safety (automatic emergency braking isn’t provided as standard, which defies belief at this money).

However, if the areas that are important to you are the areas in which the Macan does well, or you simply want to know that your family SUV is the sharpest-driving SUV on the face of the planet, then the Macan is your only choice.

Ask Honest John

Do I need N-rated tyres for my Porsche?
"I have a 2016 Porsche Macan. At a recent MOT, I got an advisory on a rear tyre for some damage (probably caused by a speed bump) - which will need replacing. The car has Pirelli Verde Scorpions on it. Porsche only fit N-rated tyres I'm told. They are considerably more expensive than other Pirellis. I do some 3000 miles a year mostly on A roads and don't drive at excessive speeds. Do I really need N-rated tyres?"
N-marked tyres are approved by Porsche and specifically developed for their range of vehicles (the N stands for “Nürburgring” where the tyres are tested). Given that your car is only as good as the tyres that are fitted to it, I don't personally see the logic in buying a high-performance SUV and then cutting corners on the quality of the tyres. They are more expensive, yes, but that's because they are designed to improve the handling, braking and wet weather performance of your Macan.
Answered by Dan Powell
My car has been incorrectly listed as scrap - what should I do?
"I own a Porsche Macan S and a few days ago I received a VED road tax refund unexpectedly. The DVLA have said the car is showing up on their system as being scrapped. It's now subject to an investigation, which will take four weeks to complete. Can someone please tell me what's going on? "
I guess that must mean that someone has stolen another Macan S, put your plates on it, then broken it up to sell the parts. Or crashed and wrote off another Macan that had your plates on it for the insurance, and the scrapyard then had to inform the DVLA that the car had been scrapped. But, even if the VIN on the scrapped car has been faked to match the VIN on your car, there will be other tags that are unique to your car that have not been transferred to the car that was scrapped. Worth seeing what your Porsche dealer can to to help you speed up the investigation and prove that the scrapped car was not your car.
Answered by Honest John
Should I go for petrol or diesel with my next car?
"I'm thinking of replacing my 2012 diesel Volvo V50 with a 3 or 4 year old Porsche Macan. Should I go for the 2.0 petrol rather than the diesel variant? We will not be towing anything so don't need the extra grunt. It would be a long term keeper, too."
It depends on your mileage. If you cover lots of motorway miles (12k a year or more) then a diesel makes sense. For shorter mileages or lots of town driving, go for the petrol.
Answered by Andrew Brady
My insurer won't cover my new car without a tracker installed - could you recommend one?
"I’m taking delivery of my new Porsche Macan this month, and my insurer, whom I’m happy to stay with, will only insure it if I have a tracker fitted. There seem to be plenty of options available. The car will have a limited annual mileage, is kept in a garage within a favourable postcode area and I have taken out a four year Vehicle Replacement Plus GAP policy with ALA via your website. The vehicle already has Thatcham Cat 5 protection, but please can you advise on a tracker. I expect to keep the vehicle at least four years."
Some of the most highly-rated, insurer-approved trackers are provided by a company simply called 'Tracker'. They aren't exactly cheap, but provide excellent coverage and the company liaises with police forces to help locate a vehicle when it's stolen. Occasionally they'll catch a thief red-handed, at the wheel, specifically because of a Tracker product being fitted.
Answered by John Slavin

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