Porsche Macan (2014–)

What's good

The handling is good not just for an SUV but for any kind of car.

Diesel offers decent performance allied to affordable running costs.

3.6 Turbo is a genine performance car.

5 Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 88% adult protection; 87% child protection; 60% pedestrian protection; 66% safety assist.

What to watch out for

Practicality lags behind the BMW X3.

Options can add a lot to the price.

V6 petrol models are thirsty at the pumps.

2-4-2015: Complaint of cracked leather on side bolster of Porsche Macan driver's seat. Car purchased as an ex-demo on 14-9-2014 with 6,500 miles, mileage now 9,700. Dealer tried to fix by inserting extra padding to the bolster, but it has since deteriorated and the dealer refuses to rectify further under warranty. Reader did not give his height and weight.

7-2-2016: Complaint of 'flat spot' when setting off from rest in 15,000 mile 2015 Porsche Macan S. Owner has "lost confidence in it going into, for instance, roundabouts since I am never sure if, when I press the accelerator, it will respond immediately or hit that dreaded flat spot and almost stall." This is typical VAG and dates back to some trouble they had with runaway automatics in Audi 100s in the USA. They fit a detent device that prevents the lever being moved from N to D unless the brake pedal is pressed. Unfortunately the brake pedal switch also has the effect of delaying fuel delivery to the engine so you can't always come off the brakes and power away. A Macan is basically an Audi Q5 and as such shares the Q5's massive longitudinal S tronic direct shift transmission with its benefits and its faults.

7-9-2016: Problems reported with Park Assist and Cruise Control of Macan taken delivery of in January 2016. Dealer has had it for 9 weeks trying to fix it. Owner wants a replacement car.

16-5-2017: Complaint that fuel consumption of 2014 Porsche Macan V6 diesel increased dramatically after NOx emissions fix, down from 42 to 37 on long runs and from 39 to 33 on shorter runs.

28-2-2018: Report of independent dealer purchased Porsche Macan suffering soggy footwells due to malfunction of A pillar drains from its panoramic sunroof. Referred to Porsche dealer who, after one failed attempt to fix, then quoted £3,222 to strip out interior of car and fix the problem, minus a £500 contribution from Porsche.

19-3-2018: Report of "grabbing" of front wheels of 2014 Porsche Macan S diesel over ruts at 32,658 miles. Identified by JCT600 mechanic during service as a DL581 transmission fault Could fix for £2,500. 3 year warranty expired in 2017.

17-12-2018: Report of total electrical failure in February 2018 Porsche Mascan on 10-11-2018 at 4,000 miles. " After a short distance whilst on a busy high street the car experienced a complete electrical failure. The engine and all the electrics cut out, and I was left to coast to the side of the road without any indicators or brake lights to warn the cars behind me. It was as if someone had turned the car off and taken the key out. After about 10 minutes of trying, the car eventually re-started, but only the engine was running. The dashboard and all electrics were not working. Fortunately I was very close to home I decided to drive the car back. I called Porsche Assistance who in turn called out the AA to my house. The AA patrol was unable to diagnose the problem as it was obviously complex, so he arranged for the car to be recovered the following day. Eventually it was transported to a Porsche dealership in Hatfield. After a few days the dealer phoned to say the car had a lot of faults stored in its memory, but they were unable to work out what had caused the failure. They had cleared the faults and the car was now working normally, but they were unable to replicate the failure. They then agreed to carry out an extended road test. In total they covered around 250 miles of testing, and the car showed no further faults. I was told the car was ready to be picked up. I refused to do this on the basis that just because they were unable to understand what caused the failure, it didn’t mean that the car was now fixed and safe to drive." Since the car is leased, the remedy is against the leasing company and if the lessor is not prepared to relinquish the lease then the matter needs to go to court.

7-11-2019: Report of water ingress to rear battery compartment of 2017 Porsche Macan. Porsche dealer blamed blocked panoramic sunroof drains and cleared them in 2018, but problem has returned. Owner can see that the front drains appear to be clear. Looking for other reports of the same thing, but a further culprit might be broken or rodent damages rear cabin vent flaps that are located between the lower load area sides and the rear bumper valence extensions allowing water to be splashed in by the wheels.

14-12-2019: Report of occasiona strong vibration thrpugh the brake pedal, steeting wheel and driver's seat when braking to a stop in a May 2019 Porsche Macan S. Owner says, "The gearbox does not seem to be disconnecting properly from the engine. This is happening just once or twice a week. A test drive by Porsche dealership did not show the fault and when I asked them to raise the matter with Porsche UK; they declined. I recently sent an e-mail to Porsche UK outlining the problem as above and asking if this issue had come to their notice from other drivers. Their reply reveals a discussion with my dealer, the Porsche Centre at Kendal, Cumbria, supporting the dealer's response that unless the fault shows itself to them they cannot do anything about it."


29-5-2018: The Federal Motor Transport Authority ordered an EU-wide recall of 52,831 Porsche Macan EU6 3.0 V6TDIs after finding they had been fitted with ‘impermissible defeat devices’ that led to increased emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides.

21-2-2019: Porsche Macan diesel owner reported receiving recall letter including the wording, "we have developed a DME control software update in order to improve the engine control system in terms of nitrogen oxide emissions in certain circumstances. The software update has been comprehensively checked and has been approved by the German Federal Road Traffic Authority (the KBA). In the UK, this software update will be offered to the relevant Porsche Macan customers."

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