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Porsche Macan (2014–)

Last updated 27 February 2019

Sublime handling even on rough British roads. Impressive performance from all engines. Excellent build quality. Practical family car.
Currently restricted to a 2.0-litre 245PS engine.
Updated 21 February 2019

Porsche Macan diesel owner reported receiving recall letter including the wording, "we have developed a DME control software update in order to improve the engine control system in terms of nitrogen...

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You might think the Porsche Macan is just a cash-in but there is a lot more to it than marketing.  For starters, it is a proper Porsche, with sports car handling provided by a physics defying body control, which gives huge amounts of grip and poise that contradicts the Macan's tall and upright styling. As a car for covering distance on British country roads it is sublime.

It’s practical too – as you would hope an SUV to be. It might not be the best in class, lagging behind rivals like the BMW X3, but there is enough space in the rear for adults to sit in comfort. The boot is a good size at 500 litres, plus it is a sensible shape and has no load lip so, despite being fairly high off the floor, it’s not too hard to get things in and out.

From the driver’s seat the Macan feels like a 911, with a very similar dashboard layout. It is beautifully finished too, with top-quality materials including plush, soft-touch leather and satin chrome details. But, like with other Porsche models, there is a confusing mess of buttons around the gear selector and on the centre stack, which can take a bit of getting used to.

The engine range includes a special-order only 2.0-litre petrol, although the performance doesn't really kick off until you reach the 3.0-litre, 258PS V6 in the S Diesel. This gets the Macan from 0-62mph in a hot-hatch worrying 6.3 seconds, thanks to a meaty 580Nm of torque, yet it offers reasonable claimed fuel economy of 44.8mpg.

The diesel is joined by a 3.0-litre V6 petrol that is quicker to 62mph, but noticeably less efficient. There is also a range-topping 3.6-litre V6 in the Turbo which offers seriously impressive pace, but at a high price and with distinctly unimpressive fuel economy. Still – 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds is not to be sniffed at.

All models come with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission (which Porsche calls PDK) and all-wheel drive as standard, but despite off-road technologies like hill descent control the Macan is far more at home on the road. In fact, it is the best-handling SUV money can buy. It might be pricier than rivals, but if you like driving and your budget stretches far enough it is very easy to recommend. 

Porsche Macan 2014 Range Road Test

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