Review: Mitsubishi Galant (1993 – 1997)


Less complex versions will run and run with regular servicing. Well equipped.

Some parts are expensive. Avoid the complicated 4WD/4WS models.

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1 April 1993 New Mitsubishi Galant unveiled

Better looking, slightly bigger Galant, still in Mondeo/Vectra class. 125bhp 1.8 16v and 135bhp 2.9 16v four cylinder engines. 4 speed auto option on 2.0. Or 147bhp 2.0 V6 manual or auto and 168bhp... Read more

Mitsubishi Galant (1993 – 1997): At A Glance

What does a Mitsubishi Galant (1993 – 1997) cost?

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