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Mitsubishi Colt 3-door (2005–2008)

Last updated 30 May 2019

Good value for money, characterful with 1.1 petrol or 1.5 diesel. Wide opening doors give excellent front seat access. Well equipped.
Feels dated and sparse inside.
Updated 3 July 2012

Report of transmission mounting braket failing on 4 year old resulting in destruction of transmission and driveshaft.

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Base models are often the best test, so we went straight for the £7,499 Colt Red.

The dashboard is the same as the 5-door.

The front end is the same. But the 3" shorter 3-door is really a different car.

Mitsubishi Colt 3-door 2005 Road Test

Mitsubishi Colt Blue 2006 Road Test

Mitsubishi Colt 5-door 2004 Road Test

Mitsubishi Colt CZC 2006 Road Test

Owners' reviews

Awsome! Practical, Economical, Reliable, Powerful, Easy and cheap to maintain! BARGAINS!!
reliable and economicacl
Excellent for the price
Stylish, Pleasant to drive unless in very bumpy roads

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