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MG 5 EV (2021) At A Glance

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The MG 5 EV is a no-nonsense electric estate car. It's got a big boot, can travel 250 miles between charges and won't cost a lot to buy or run. There's a lot to like, it's just a shame it's not remotely stylish.

+Versatile electric car that represents excellent value for money. Easy and comfortable to drive. Seven-year warranty. Some excellent pre-reg deals available.

-Range won't be enough for some buyers. Does it have to look so bland?

Insurance Group 32

You might associate the MG brand with 60s sports cars or maybe rebadged Rovers from the early 00s but, under Chinese ownership, it's now carving its own niche as a maker of a affordable electric vehicles. The MG 5 EV is the first mainstream electric estate car on the market – yet it's priced in line with much smaller alternatives like the Peugeot e-208, Renault Zoe and Fiat 500 Electric.

Looking for a MG 5 EV (2021 on)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

All MG 5 EV models are powered by the same 156PS electric motor, while buyers get a choice of two battery sizes. The smaller (52.5kWh) unit provides an official range of 214 miles, while the bigger (61.1kWh) pack can cover 250 miles between charges.

It's an unintimidating car to drive, particularly if you haven't driven an electric car before. It's just like driving an automatic petrol vehicle, really, albeit without any engine noise. Acceleration is swift although, while it's easy to spin the front wheels, it's not going to push you back in your seat like a Tesla.

Electric cars are usually quite firm – the suspension having to work particularly hard to cope with the weight of the batteries. The MG 5 EV is surprisingly soft, though, soaking up lumpy road surfaces with ease. The flip side of this is that it leans quite a lot during cornering, but the higher ZS SUV is more likely to make you seasick.

There are just trim levels available: the Excite model and the top-spec Exclusive. Standard kit on the Excite includes an eight-inch media system (with DAB radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), cruise control and a rear parking camera. The Exclusive adds navigation, leather-style upholstery and heated front seats.

The MG 5 certainly doesn't feel like the budget option you might expect. It generally seems well-made, while the brand's seven-year warranty should put to rest any concerns that it's going to fall apart quicker than a mainstream alternative.

Of course, it's the 5's practicality which sets it apart from rivals. It's available solely as an estate car, with more interior space than aforementioned electric city cars – while it's more suited to family life than the Nissan Leaf hatchback.

It also represents exceedingly good value for money. Even a top-spec Long Range Exclusive model is well under the £35,000 threshold for the government's plug-in car grant, meaning you'll save £2500 off the list price if buying new. We'd recommend looking for a pre-registered or ex-demonstrator model, though – we've seen as-new MG 5s offered for less than £21,000.

Ask Honest John

Are there any all-electric estates that are big enough to take a dog in the back?
"I don't seem able to find an all-electric estate car (not an SUV because of loading height) with 450 litres (roughly) behind the back seat to take a large dog and 0-60mph in no more than 8 seconds. Any suggestions? Anything due to be launched in the next 12 months? Thanks."
The only all-electric estate car on the market currently is the MG 5 EV. It's a very affordable, practical electric estate car with a 464-litre boot and 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds. Take a look at the Kia e-Niro, too. It's an SUV but with a relatively low boot lip.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Should I buy a spare wheel for my MG 5 EV?
"Should I buy a space saver wheel and tyre to use on a new MG 5?"
It's probably a good idea. A tyre repair kit is standard but nothing beats a spare wheel in an emergency. There's space under the boot floor to store one, and MG offers one as an optional accessory.
Answered by Andrew Brady
We want to swap the old diesel car we use for local trips to an electric car. What do you suggest?
"We have a diesel 2004 Skoda Fabia Estate, which still has only 91k miles on the clock. It's a second car and is only used locally for shopping trips, transporting bags of compost and garden waste to our allotment, and taking rubbish to our local recycling centre. It's still in great condition and just keeps going on and on but I'm thinking that given its use - a swap to a used plug-in electric car would be sensible. But what do we go for? I appreciate that the Skoda has very little part exchange value, but what car would you suggest? Also, what sort of budget for a 3-4-year-old car that we expect to keep for a long time would you expect?"
A Kia Soul EV could work. The original model arrived in 2014 with a fairly limited range but quirky looks and a fairly accommodating boot. A 2017/18 example can be picked up for around £15,000 and it'll still have the remainder of its transferable manufacturer warranty remaining. Alternatively, take a look at the new MG 5. It's fresh to the market but it sounds ideal for what you need and it's a relatively affordable choice. An as-new example can be picked up for less than £20,000.
Answered by Andrew Brady

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