Review: Hyundai Sonata (1994 – 2001)


Plenty of creature comforts and gave years of trouble-free use. Cheap to buy.

Ageing now. Can't hold a candle to the Europeans for image or road manners. People will think you're a minicab.

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16 June 1998

Revised again in June 1998 when V6 went down in size to 2,493cc, but up in power to 160 bhp. 2.0 litre fours also back up to 136 bhp. Still not the subject of any rave reviews. Facelifted for 2001... Read more

12 September 1996

Surprise restyle in September 1996 gave it a new begrilled nose but 2.0 litre dropped in power to 123 bhp. Became 15' 10" long by 5' 10" wide. 2.0 litre had a reasonable 136 bhp. 5-speed manual or... Read more

12 March 1994 

Biggish cheap car, at first with four headlights and oval grille. Reliable enough 15' 4" by 5' 9". Read more

Hyundai Sonata (1994 – 2001): At A Glance

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