Review: Honda OSM (2010)

Lightweight and low emissions sports car.

Never made it into production.

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22 July 2008

Low-emission, lightweight sports study model unveiled at the British International Motor Show 22nd July 2008. Honda OSM (for Open Study Model), was designed by Honda’s R&D facility in Offenbach,... Read more

Honda OSM (2010): At A Glance

Honda's OSM - which stands for Open Study Model - was designed by Honda’s R&D facility in Offenbach, Germany. It’s the latest example of the young talent being developed within Honda’s design studios in Europe – following the Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept from 2007 and the Accord Tourer Concept.

At present, there are no plans for this design study model to enter production, although Honda will gather feedback from customers at the show to guide any future developments.

What does a Honda OSM (2010) cost?

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