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Ford Kuga (2013) At A Glance

Probably the sportiest handling SUV in the £20k-£30k bracket. More spacious than original. Options include electric tailgate.

Ride on 18-inch and especially on 19-inch wheels is hard.

Insurance Groups are between 15–27
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

The second generation Ford Kuga is more spacious than before and includes new technology like an electric tailgate that can be opened and closed by 'kicking' your foot under the rear bumper. On sale in the UK from early 2013.

The clever system was first seen on the Audi A6 Avant and Ford is hoping that it will help the new Kuga stand out from the current clutch of mid-sized SUVs. The brand is also promising a higher quality feel all round. The boot is larger too with 442 litres - an increase of 82 litres over the current model - plus the rear seats fold flat via the touch of one button.

It is powered by familiar Ford engines including the 2.0 TDCi with either 140PS or 163PS while the PowerShift automatic gearbox will come as an option. There are also 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol engines, as already fitted in the Focus and C-MAX.

Both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models will be available. The AWD system constantly assesses the road conditions, adjusting the power split to give the driver the best combination of handling and traction. It also gets the Torque Vectoring Control system which was first fitted to the Focus.

The Ford SYNC system - a voice control, device integration and in-car connectivity system will be available from launch. It includes Emergency Assistance, which upon detecting airbag deployment or activation of the emergency fuel shut-off within the car, uses the on board GPS locator and Bluetooth-paired device to set up an emergency call and provide GPS co-ordinates, in the local language, for the emergency response.

Looking for a Ford Kuga (2013 on)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a Ford Kuga (2013)

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19–59 mpg

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Diesel or petrol? If you're unsure whether to go for a petrol or diesel (or even an electric model if it's available), then you need our Petrol or Diesel? calculator. It does the maths on petrols, diesels and electric cars to show which is best suited to you.


We do 10,000 miles per year. Can you recommend a suitable 4WD SUV?
My wife and I have a 2015 Ford Kuga, which we are looking to replace it in the not too distant future. We enjoy the ride height and the practicalities of four wheel drive and we do not want an electric car or a plug-in hybrid. At the moment, we've been used to a manual gearbox but are aware that auto boxes are more prevalent. We don't cover as many miles as we used to, probably about 10,000 miles a year, if that. Does this negate the use of a diesel?
A modern diesel needs at least 15-miles (per journey) to keep the DPF healthy. If your driving does not accommodate for this, I would recommend a petrol. Perhaps something like the Mazda CX-30:
Answered by Dan Powell
Where do I find the switch to deactivate the passenger airbag?
I've recently purchased a 2013 Ford Kuga. There's no passenger air bag switch in either the glovebox or the end of the console (there is an indent where one would be fitted though). Am I missing something? Does it even have one fitted? Thanks in advance.
The car has a passenger airbag but some early models of the Ford Kuga were never fitted with a switch to deactivate it (it was an optional extra). If there is no switch in the glovebox or on the dashboard then you will not be able to deactivate it. This means you will have to use the rear sears to carry a baby seat.
Answered by Dan Powell
What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend?
What's a reasonably-priced battery charger for a Ford Kuga? I'm looking for one as a back-up during the current Covid-19 lockdown where the use of cars is restricted.
I'd have a look at Amazon and other online retailers to see what the best value options are with the highest ratings from customers. We recommend NOCO Genius and C-TEK chargers as they're very reputable, good quality and we've tested them, but they can cost a premium. Amazon often hosts deals, so the best value options change day to day. Just make sure you read your owner's manual before you undertake any charging. If you've not got a handbook, give customer services a ring. Manufacturers, for the most part, say they won't cover damage incurred by incorrectly charging batteries. Some carmakers flat out tell customers not to undertake battery charging outside of a workshop. Read our battery charging advice and full outline of what carmakers are advising here:
Answered by Georgia Petrie
Whats the best used buy as a family car to replace our Focus?
I had a Focus and am now seeking a used petrol vehicle, preferably £8k to £12k but could go more if need be. I do 8000 miles a year that includes the daily city commute and monthly 200 mile motorway trips. We are a family of three with a young child but carry quite a lot of luggage. I looked after the Focus and it has been grand. I could go for another Focus, but ideally I would favour something with a little more room prestige and comfort. But primarily it needs to be safe and reliable. What might be best? Could even be an estate, SUV, bigger car.
If you liked your Focus, I'd recommend a Kuga. It's very practical and represents very good value for money. Your budget will get a Zetec or Titanium model from around 2015 with the 1.5-litre petrol engine. Also consider a Kia Sportage. It's not quite as practical as the Kuga, but you'll get a slightly newer one for the money, and it'll have the remainder of its seven-year manufacturer warranty. If you'd like to look at an estate too, I'd recommend a Skoda Octavia.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What does a Ford Kuga (2013) cost?

Buy new from £20,271 (list price from £24,290)
Contract hire from £193.44 per month
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