BMW X2 (2018–)

What's good

Very good blend of performance and real world economy from 18d and 20d engine.

Handles better than an X1 in corners yet still comfortable.

What to watch out for

Rear seats are cramped for adults with limited headroom.

Ride is firmer than an X1.

Expensive list prices compared to an X1.

1-2-2019: Report of BMW delar refusing to release BMW X2 due to an issue with its rear light cluster.


20-08-2018: R/2018/211: BMW 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X1, X2, MINI. SOFTWARE FAULT WITH CRANKSHAFT SENSOR. The affected vehicles may be equipped with a crankshaft sensor with a software fault. The crankshaft sensor cannot process the signal values from the crankshaft transmitter due to an improper firmware level. The firmware does not compensate sufficiently the temperature gradients and the magnetic field strength of the sensor electronic. If the crankshaft sensor cannot process the signal values from the transmitter, the Digital Diesel Electronic (DDE) will notice that and change to the emergency operation mode. The emergency mode will be displayed by the check control message “engine malfunction”. The driver may notice a rough running engine and a reduced driving power (70%). However, an engine stalling during driving conditions cannot be excluded. FIX: On the affected vehicles the crankshaft sensor will be replaced with a new version. VINS: WBA2J92090VC25401 to WBA2J92010VG40874; WBA2P320105B47420 to WBA1W720005L43643; WBA1S520705K48447 to WBA1V72090V920592; WBA2N52060VB11708 to WBA2N52020VB11737; WBA8C32030A242930 to WBA8C520605L49071; WBA8J12050A717102 to WBA8J12090A717135; WBA4X52060AC07977 to WBA4X32010AF36610; WBA8T32030G761196 to WBA8T32080B083476; WBA6U52090VD13933 to WBA6U52040VD13953; WBAYL12040E780405 to WBAYL12030E780685; WBA8S12020ED19791 to WBA8S12060ED19860; WBA4K52060BH86879 to WBA4K32010BP90355; WBA6X52000ED03640 to WBA6X52010ED03713; WBAJW620X0BN81026 to WBAJW82060BN78913; WBAJN52000B092910 to WBAJM72050BM91410; WBAJJ12070EH65665 to WBAJH720403F75249; WBA7C22080B205808 to WBA7C42020G998862; WBAJD11080B197370 to WBAJF52080WE87166; WBA7G82070GS44657 to WBA7G82030GS44672; WMWXV320X0TF19960 to WMWXV32090TF59995; WMWYY320203E80583 to WMWYY320003F84618; WMWXK72010TE30410 to WMWXK52050TE45495; WMWXY32070TC93822 to WMWXY32080TC93764. Build Dates: 10-5-2018 to 7-6-2018.

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