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BMW X2 (2018–)

Last updated 1 February 2019

Handles well for a crossover. Quiet and comfortable on the motorway. Diesels are very economical.
Cramped rear seats. 18d only comes as a manual. Around £1000 more than an equivalent X1.
Updated 1 February 2019

Report of BMW delar refusing to release BMW X2 due to an issue with its rear light cluster.

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We know what you're probably thinking. Why? Indeed, why does BMW need the X2? A car that sort of sits half way between a 1 Series and an X1. But is also a bit like a 3 Series GT.

Yet here we are with exactly that. A coupe-styled crossover (because the world needs that) which is less practical than an X1 but promises to be more 'dynamic'. Not that BMW doesn't have form here - there's the gargantuan X6 and the X4  - but in our opinion the X2 is a better design than those two and is in fact a very handsome thing.

Given its sloping roofline, you won't be surprised to find out it's less spacious than an X1. The boot is smaller (although still reasonably good) and the rear seats are tight on head and legroom. So where's the pay off?

Well it comes from behind the wheel. The X2 handles much better than the X1 on which it is based, with less body roll in corners, sharper steering and better throttle response. The result is a crossover which is actually quite enjoyable to drive. Yes, you read that right.

We'd even go as far as to say it has a bit of character when compared with the competition like the Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3. The downside of this is the ride. As you'd guess, the ride is noticeably firmer and while not uncomfortable, if it's outright comfort you want, the X1 is a better bet.

The interior is classic modern BMW. So pretty user-friendly but also pretty bland in design. There's no touchscreen, BMW insists in making people use its iDrive dial controller, which really hinders things like Apple CarPlay, but there's no denying the quality of the finish and the feel of the materials used. This is a very nice place to be on a long journey.

Most models are the 20d engine. This 2.0-litre diesel comes as an automatic only - and it suits it superbly - plus it blends performance and economy well with Real MPG showing you can expect a realistic 50mpg. There's also a 18d which comes as a manual and with two-wheel drive. If you're not doing big mileages then the 20i is your best choice. Quiet, smooth and no DPFs to worry about.

The cheapest X2 comes in with a list price of around £30k. On average it's around £1000 more than an X1, depending on which engine you go for. It's certainly more interesting than the X1 - and likely to be a rarer sight - so we can see the appeal, especially given that it handles so well. If you want a crossover with a bit extra, this could be right up your street.

BMW X2 xDrive 20d Road Test

Owners' reviews

Very sporty to drive yet enough space for four and their luggage
A much better car than the X1
List Price from £27,950
Buy new from £22,490
Contract hire from £262.68 per month

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