Audi Q7 (2015–)

What's good

Five star Euro NCAP rating in 2015. 94% adult occupant safety, 88% child occupant safety, 70% pedestrian safety and 76% safety assist rating.

4-12-2019: 5-Star EURO NCAP RATING: 92% Adult Occupant; 86% Child Occupant; 71% Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.); 72% Safety Assist.

What to watch out for

8-4-2016: New Audi Q7 on 255/55 R19 tyres delivered on storage pressures of 60PSI all round when pressures should have been 38PSI all round. Owner knew something was wrong but drove the car for 1,000 miles not realising what was wrong. Questionanble whether supplying dealer missed other parts of the PDI.

8-4-2017: Original complaint of 8-4-2016 now escalated. Car originally delivered without a PDI. Had the wrong registration plates. Wrong tyre pressures. Wrong contents. A rattle in the roof lining. A rattle in the nearside rear door. The car battery was dead one morning on the owner's driveway due to a failed relay. The car stranded the owner in a carpark with a failed starter switch. The car died once while in motion. The car has now been back to the supplying dealer five times to fix a rattle in the door pillar that has still not been completely fixed. Owner wants to reject it, but not on dealer's terms.

26-4-2017: Report of rattle from B pillar of 2016 Audi Q7. Owner borrowed another from the dealer and found it had the same rattle.

2-7-2018: Report of problems with leased 2017/67 reg Audi Q7 at 6,300 miles. Started to make a whining noise at drive off and in the last stages of stopping. Happened regularly for a couple of days so owner booked it in for investigation by Audi. Took a week to get an appointment by which time the noise was occurring less and less. Since then, Audi dealer reported, "Technical advised us to carry out a software update diagnosis to the Turbo Charger and carry out a road test which indeed made the noise more apparent (was meant to). We are now going to be stripping down and inspecting the Turbo Charger and I will update you tomorrow afternoon." Then, "We carried out the further diagnosis and found the Turbo fault was a consequential fault of your Gearbox. We have carried out the software update to the Turbo charger, road tested the car and lost all gears and communication with the Gearbox itself. We are currently liasing with technical and waiting for their approval to remove the gearbox to inspect it more thoroughly. I don’t anticipate the car will be back to you for a couple of days, as long as you are happy staying in the loan car, I will extend the insurance accordingly whilst we carry out the further repairs for you." Then: "We have carried out our further diagnosis and confirmed that we need to replace the Gearbox due to an internal failure within the unit itself." (This will be the DQ501 longitudinal 7-speed wet clutch s-tronic.) New transmission scheduled to arrive by Fridya 6th July 2018.

12-9-2018: Report that sales of all Q7s (both new and pre-owned) are on hold from 1st September pending a recall/update required for the AdBlue tank/system. Potential buyer told told that Audi hope to resolve things in maximum 3/4 weeks.

19-5-2019: Fault reported with "presense" front radar sensor of 2015 Audi Q7 at 48,000 miles, bringing up fault codes B11CE15 and B1630-02. Owner told by Audi technician “that is a front camera fault – there is a known issue with the cameras in the early cars of this model”. The advice was for a replacement front camera at a cost of £1,600 inc VAT, and the dealer phoned Audi requesting support, each time to be told that there is “no goodwill” in respect to this issue. The dealer kindly offered to cover half the cost, but owner still out of pocket £802.37.

21-9-2019: Report of broken rear coil spring on 2015/65 Audi Q7 at 47,000 miles.

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