BMW i5 Review 2023

BMW i5 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
As accomplished to drive as you would hope and expect, the BMW i5 – an all-electric version of the 5 Series – makes a very strong case for itself against some worthy rivals.

+Excellent performance and range. High-quality cabin. Enjoyable to drive.

-Infotainment can take a while to master. Practicality could be better.

The BMW i5 is a car that shows us just how serious the German firm is about its electric future. It’s not a city car like the old BMW i3, nor an experimental sports car like the BMW i8, nor an opulent luxury model like the BMW i7, but an electric version of one of BMW’s core models, and a car with some tough rivals – from the Audi e-Tron GT to the (now left-hand-drive only) Tesla Model S. Read on for our full BMW i5 review to see if the company has crafted a winner.

While there will still be combustion versions of the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW i5 feels more representative of the model’s future, and on these impressions, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

It blends the luxury we saw in the BMW i7 with more traditional BMW dynamics, and while it doesn’t offer the kind of driver interaction you’d find in a classic BMW 5 Series or one of BMW’s M models, it’s still very impressive, with a sharp and agile feel you’d not expect from a car of its size and weight.

It’s more spacious than the outgoing BMW 5 Series too (smaller boot aside) and while the high-tech cabin may take some getting used to for BMW traditionalists, it’s a joy to interact with and incredibly refined and comfortable too.

Equipment levels are high across the range and all the technology offered feels like it has a purpose.

It’s not cheap, with the eDrive40’s £74,000 price tag putting it £23,000 above the BMW 520i that will open the new BMW 5 Series range. However, such pricing isn’t unusual for the BMW i5’s class, and both the range and performance go a long way to justifying it too.

While the styling won’t be to all tastes, it shouldn’t leave onlookers aghast – and the Touring estate version arriving in 2024 will surely look even better.