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I have a Rover 75, which I have registered with the French authorities to get my diesel scale for travel to Paris. They put me in the Class 4 category. However, when similarly trying to register with...
We have a J registration Metro in our garage at home. It has about 20,000 miles on the clock, but hasn't been moved for eight years. Would an enthusiasts club would be interested in it?
The bonnet of my Rover 75 is stuck, what should I do?
I recently acquired a 1994 Rover 623 GSI from an elderly family friend. I was only given one set of keys for the car. A week ago I parked the car in the garage as normal and then went out with friends....
I'm having battery charge problems with my Rover 75 CDTi. I get dashboard warnings that all go away when you charge the battery, but return twenty miles afterwards.
I've recently become in need of an automatic car due to a health problem. I was going to purchase a used Nissan Micra, however, I have also been offered a family member's 1993 Rover 416 GSi automatic for...
My water keeps going low every time I drive my Rover 25 and there's white stuff on the engine cap. What's the problem?
I own a Rover 75 2.5-litre v6 automatic. Its lost reverse gear and I can't find a garage local to me to repair it. Seems a waste to get rid of it but what would you do?
My Rover 25 wont start. There are no lights on the dashboard, just the blinking red one of the immobiliser. I know the battery isn't flat, but the central locking has been an issue lately and sometimes...
My Rover 25 has started overheating. The water in the tank is bubbling up and there is a small amount of steam coming out. The engine fan is also continuously on. Any idea what the fault is?
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