Problems with Rover 400 window regulator

I have bought a window regulator part from a scrap yard to replace the broken one that was in my wife's Rover 400. The mechanic at my local garage tried to fit it, but said there are only four wires coming out the motor for the male connector, and the female wiring block it goes into has five wires.

I called the scrap yard and they claimed the wiring block it came out of had five wires. Would you know if this is the norm? Will the wire block which has the four wires fit into a female block with five wires?

Asked on 1 July 2013 by flynn1

Answered by Alan Ross
The Fuse F 6 ( 20amp) is feeding the switch.
From the switch to the control module is four wires.
The control module should have four numbers on the input side ( from the switch)
Numbers should read 1. 5. 4. 2.
The wires from the switch going into the Control module should be
Green/white going to 1
Black/green going to 5
Black /.green going to 4
Blue /green going to 2

From the control module to the motor(output side) are five numbers( 1,2,3,4 ,and 6)
wires from this side to the motor are
Black ( earth) from number 6
Red /yellow is 1
Red/blue is 2
Black is 3
Blue is 4

Hope that this helps.
If not you will need to source a wiring diagram.

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