My car was damaged when in an NCP car park

I returned from holiday on Sat 16th June to pick up my car a Rover 416si Reg N698 BOF from the NCP car park at Birmingham airport to find it had been vandalised. The car is my pride and joy and was in pristine condition when i parked it there on the 2nd June

Both wings had been kicked in the bonnet dented along with the passenger door and also the rear panel.

I reported the damage to the NCP supervisor who took pictures of the damage and later phoned me back to say he had spoken to his manager and said words to the effect that they don't have vandalism on the car park and that it is patrolled every hour and my cars damaged had not been noticed making it look like I had done it myself.

I have reported the incident to the local police and got a crime number.

My question to you please is do I have any course of action I can take against NCP along with their responsibilities, they advertise the car park as secure, patrolled and covered by CCTV cameras.

Asked on 19 June 2012 by taj

Answered by Honest John
Crying shame, but I don't think so. As long as NCP provides "adequate security" that is all they have to do. There are probably notices anyway that absolve them of any responsibility for damage.
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