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Large vans all have their issues. What large, front-wheel drive van would you recommend? I already own a Ford Transit so something different please.
The Toyota Proace Verso: Is a joint venture with PSA and made in France? Or is the vehicle a re-badged Peugeot or are its engine, gear box and electronics Toyota made or supplied?
I am looking for a second hand van for leisure purposes - transporting bicycles and hopefully being able to spend an odd night in it. In the past we have done this with Mitsubishi and Toyota vans, sliding...
My son hired a mid-sized Ford Transit from a hire firm for a two week cycling trip. During the loan he got a puncture and the hire firm came out to replace the tyre. He now finds on his credit card that...
My Ford Transit is using excessive oil, approx 1-litre per week. It's done 105,000 miles, mostly long distance, but since I've had it it's used for short local journeys. there's no excessive smoke and...
I bought a 2006 Ford Transit van six weeks ago from a trader who is claiming it was bought on trade terms at a discounted price. However, the car has unroadworthy tyres, a huge oil leak and a faulty thermostat. I...
When does the new 2014 Ford Transit hit the showrooms and more importantly what's it like to drive?
I’m thinking of buying a Vauxhall Movano, but can’t work out if I need front-wheel or rear-wheel drive? Also, which engine is best?
Can you tell me if vans have lower speed limits compared to cars? I was driving around 70mph in my Ford Transit on a dual carriageway and have now been sent a speeding fine. Is this correct?
Can you tell me if there is van available that does not have a DPF? I drive 10 miles per day, with the odd run of 35 to 60 miles every six weeks.

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