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Can you recommend a used van with a rear tailgate?

I am looking for a second hand van for leisure purposes - transporting bicycles and hopefully being able to spend an odd night in it. In the past we have done this with Mitsubishi and Toyota vans, sliding in a 'bed deck' with air mattress etc - no need for a camper.

We are looking for a vehicle which has reasonable fuel economy, to use as an everyday vehicle but we feel that the van must have a tailgate, rather than 'barn' type doors. I have considered the Hyundai iLoad, but now think the 2.5-litre engine might be uneconomical for an everyday vehicle.

I am also going round in circles when considering VAT (not registered),what should I get? I have £9000 to spend.

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You can get vans like Citroen Berlingos and Peugeot Partners with hatchbacks, but these are rarely specified for vans because they aren't strong enough for van use, so you are unlikely to get much choice of van with this feature second hand.

When you buy a used van for personal use it will normally be + 20% VAT and you will not be able to reclaim it. The reason VAT is not included in van prices is that most commercial VAT registered businesses can reclaim it as input tax. For that reason as well as for cheaper insurance you will probably be better off going for a Berlingo Multispace or Peugeot Partner Teepee that comes with a lift up tailgate and aren't restricted to 50mph on A roads.
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