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Will an electric car get through floods as well as a petrol or diesel car?
How do I make a car wade in deeper water?
I drove my Alfa Romeo through a floodwater, which was lower than the sill, at lowish speed. How likely is it that this could've wrecked the engine? The car is heading for write off subject to the insurer...
How can I tell if a vehicle has been flooded in the recent floods?
How does someone avoid buying a car that has been in a flood?
Starting what seems a fruitless task looking for a Vauxhall Corsa, 2002/3, for my son's first car. Most very obviously damaged. One common problem seen in several cars is a waterlogged mat etc in the driver's...
I have noticed that the floor of my 2001 Honda Civic is very wet and everything is damp inside the car. What’s more, my seats have started to go mouldy and have an odour in the car too. Can you help? I...
Rain water is accumulating in the drivers foot-well, where should I look to clear a blocked drain?
Does driving through floodwater still damage catalytic converters because they are so hot and suddenly cool down?
During the recent flooding a friend of mine came up to a section of flooded road and, seeing that the two cars in front of him had successfully edged their way cautiously through the water, proceeded to...

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