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The speedometer in my Ford Ka doesn't work after changing the battery.
I was advised that the aircon in my wife's DS3 would need to be flushed to kill the bacteria in the system. Is this a sales ploy? The car had a pollen filter.
The windscreen washer nozzles on my wife's 2014 Ford Focus gives hardly any output. It appears to be a common problem caused by a clogged filter on the windscreen washer pump. We have been quoted £75 (one...
The back windows of my Vauxhall Astra Twintop aren't going up, they stop about 3-inches from closing. Any advice?
My Volkswagen Golf has an engine oil leak, but the mechanic says he can't find the leak because there's too much oil. How should I clean it?
I have a Skoda Rapid and have water ingress into my driver's side door. What's the cause and how much should it cost to put right?

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