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Great website keep up the good work. I have just bought a Ford Focus estate, but the radio needs a code. Can anyone help the details are as follows... serial number.... M069423 part number...98AP-18K876-BB
Managed to get the code but 'SECURE' will not disappear so that I can't input CODE? Any way past this!?
Need a code for Ford 5000 RDS stereo. Model no. is M420270
I need a radio code for my Ford radio which is a 5000 RDS EON I have the serial number. What should I do?
Can You please tell me the radio code for Ford Fiesta 1997, RDS 5000?
My car radio is a Blaupunkt some 14 years old. Recently I had a new car battery installed and this actuated the security coding system. I do not have the security code number and thus I am unable to remove...
How do I unlock my 2002 Volkswagen Sharan's radio?
I've put a new battery into my car and I can't find a code for my CDR500 VDO radio. How do I get a new code?
My battery went dead as I left my lights on. I was successful in jump-starting the car but now my in-car stereo is totally dead and there's a flashing red light on the stereo, which I guess is the alarm/immobiliser....
I've just bought my first car - a Ford Fiesta 1.3 LX - and the radio is asking for code. The radio model is 3000, serial no: M076547. Can anyone help?

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