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Most recently answered red lights questions
I was reading through one of your website posts about traffic lights as I have a concern myself. I've been told not to worry but as I have only been driving for a year not worrying is very hard to do....
Can you let me know if one can legally go through a temporary red light at a road works that is failing to change to green and there is no oncoming traffic?
Swansea City Council has recently fitted a red-light camera to a 40mph section of road. The time that the lights are on amber seems very short, especially if you are travelling at the speed limit. Recently,...
I know of a (rural) location where the jumping of a red traffic light is an issue because of the length of time waiting for it to change. Either on the Continent or in the US I have seen 'countdown clocks'...
I have been sent a NIP for "driving through a red light". I approached a pedestrian crossing and the pedestrians crossed before I got to the lights and they went to red when the pedestrians were safely...

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