We modified our car with a wheelchair hoist - do we have to declare this to our insurer?

I'm a disabled pensioner and my wife, who is also my carer, has purchased a power wheelchair for me. She's had her car adapted with a wheelchair hoist so that she can transport me to my hospital appointments, shopping etc. I believe my wife is legally bound to inform her car insurers that she has adapted her car by having the hoist fitted, even though it does not improve or interfere with the car's performance. She sees it as a temporary, essential mobility aid, which enables her to lift the powerchair in and out of the car. It can be removed if no longer required. Does she need to inform her insurer of the modification and should the scooter also be declared and insured when it's in the car?

Asked on 26 April 2018 by Geoff

Answered by Honest John
Yes to both questions. The adaptation of the vehicle is a permanent modification that departs from the original manufacturer's specification.
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