I was given a hire car after an accident - am I responsible for the £2784 bill if the other insurer refuses to pay out?

On 8 August 2017, my car was hit from behind while my husband was driving. The other party fully accepted liability. When reporting the incident to Saga, I was passed onto Claimfast and I spent the best part of three hours on the phone going over the details. I was finally passed onto Enterprise Car Hire to arrange a replacement vehicle. The hire was for 10 days and, of course, now the third party insurers are refusing to pay the charges of £2784, which includes £1136 for the reduction in the vehicle’s value. I only discovered these charges last week when their solicitors sent me a case information pack to complete. So, could you let me know if I am now committed to helping Claimfast in their pursuit of these charges? I'm not really comfortable with assisting such an organisation in this respect, and would be very grateful of your advice as soon as possible.

Asked on 16 April 2018 by Elizabeth Pitson

Answered by Tim Kelly
You are now committed to Claimfast because you are liable for the above charges, they are claiming them back on your behalf. You need to read your contract very very carefully. The charges are not disproportional (dependent on the vehicle hired) to what I would expect. It would appear they are doing everything correctly. If they have spent as long as you have advised on the phone with you, they should have covered all of the bases to ensure a successful claim.
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