Can I drive my wife's Polish registered car in the UK?

My wife is a Polish national and we have two houses, mine in England and her's in Poland. We spend time in both countries. I'm covered by her car insurance to drive her Polish registered car anywhere in the EU. She is covered under my policy to drive my British registered car anywhere in the EU, plus a few other countries as well. My own insurance says, “The policyholder may also drive a private motorcar not belonging to him/her and not hired to him/her under a hire purchase or leasing agreement, as long as the policyholder has the owner's permission to drive the car.” It does not say that the car has to be registered in the UK. Car I drive her car in England? Can she drive my car in Poland?

Asked on 16 April 2018 by A E Wasilewski

Answered by Tim Kelly
The best thing to do is to contact your insurer and ask them. The reason for this is that on both policies, you will only ever have third party cover whilst in another country. It completely depends on the policy wording. You may find on both policies that it only covers the main user, not the named driver in the use of another vehicle whilst abroad.
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