Petrol was removed from my car while at a garage - what can I do?

I recently had an accident and my car went to a garage for repairs. I made sure a asked for a copy of the document that showed my car with no other damage and with 3/4 of a tank of petrol. When I collected the car, it wasn't repaired correctly and they had taken out the petrol. I took pictures and sent them to the garage. I also had the mileage and my car had only done 15 miles since leaving my house. I know the average person can not remove petrol from new cars, but I was told by a mechanic that garages can. My insurer got annoyed when I said this and told me it cannot be done. My car is still not repaired it's been two months.

Asked on 12 April 2018 by Karen barden

Answered by Tim Kelly
It's very, very doubtful the fuel has been removed unless the area of repair necessitated removal of the fuel tank. Garages quite simply would not be bothered in stealing fuel. Ask the garage for a copy of their 'checking in' sheet, which they need for the insurer. Ask them for images of the dash displaying the fuel level when it arrived (they will/should have taken it). If there is a discrepancy, then provide this information as proof. Ask them to provide details of checking in and checking out mileage. You have to allow the repairer one opportunity to rectify, then you can take it to your own repairer. Evidence the poor quality repair by having it inspected by an independent engineer (, then either complain to the insurer or take the insurer to small claims court.
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