After an accident, should you call your insurer or the vehicle manufacturer first?

Who should you contact first following an accident, your insurer or the vehicle manufacturer? I constantly receive messages from the manufacturer saying in the event of an accident to contact them first to ensure genuine parts are fitted during repair. However, insurers say to contact them first. Which is correct?

Asked on 15 March 2018 by Graham Smith

Answered by Tim Kelly
What you do is down to you. You need to contact your insurer irrespective, if you don't you cannot claim through the contract in place. You also need to inform them of any incident that may result in a claim being made against them. The car is your car, only you say who repairs it. The vehicle should be repaired to the manufacturer's standards, using the manufacturer's methodology and parts only.The vehicle may not perform as the manufacturer intended if any of the above is not done. You may find the insurer has a manufacturer-approved repairer on their network and, in the event of an accident, you may have eCall in your car, which will contact the manufacturer's accident line for you.
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