I hit a tree in the snow - will my car now be registered as a repaired vehicle?

I recently had a front end collision with a tree in the snow. No other parties were involved and no personal injuries were sustained. I damaged front offside lights, bumper, wing, driver's side door and bonnet though. My insurance company says it's awaiting detailed quotation from repairers as the engineer believes it to be repairable from my photos. If it is repaired back to it's previous condition, does the fact that it has been repaired get published anywhere? I want to know if it will affect the resale value at some point in the future?

Asked on 5 March 2018 by Chris Davis

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, it does not get published anywhere and, as such, it shouldn't affect the market value. If you were selling the vehicle and someone asked if the car had been involved in an accident, you have to tell the truth though. This may affect the value, but it depends on the car and the value of it.
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