I'm paying for a repair to another car rather than go through insurance - what receipt should I get from the other driver?

If I slightly damage a car but agree to pay for the repair without going through insurance, what sort of receipt should I get from the other driver to say they are happy with the repair?

Asked on 11 December 2018 by D JOHNSON

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would ask for the other party to sign something like the following.

"This letter is confirmation that I have accepted the settlement to the sum of £.......as full and final settlement for the incident on the ............ whereby (your name) damaged the vehicle owned by (their name) causing damaged to the (specify the area of damage on the vehicle and what the damage was). I (their name) waive all further rights to claim any other form of compensation for losses incurred.

Have someone sign these (make sure there are at least two copies) documents as an independent witness, while both other parties also sign and date.
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