I'm an international student in Manchester - what will bring my insurance premium down?

I'm a 25 years old, international full-time student in Manchester. I've been in the UK since 2013 and got my driving license in 2011. I was recently offered a 2007 Mercedes-Benz B-Class for £3800. It has 81,000 miles on the clock. I'm looking for cheap insurance to cover the car, what do you recommend?

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Your lack of driving history will work against you, so try all the different price comparison websites and then ring up individual brokers and direct insurers to see if you can get a better quote. Also, sticking an older person with more driving experience will bring the premium down, even if they never drive your car. Unfortunately, you will get hit heavily for being a student, and more so being in Manchester. If I was you, especially if it's your first car, I would look at driving something else.
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