Could I buy a new car with a scrappage discount, then sell it on for a profit?

I'm about to get rid of my 18 year old Renault Clio. If I hadn’t coincidentally just been offered a much younger version for free, I would have looked at the scrappage schemes to replace it. However, do you think I could trade in my old Clio for a new car through a scrappage scheme, get the scrappage discount, then sell the new car on for a profit?

Asked on 8 February 2018 by Jeffrey Thomas

Answered by Honest John
Firstly, these are not Government scrappage schemes, so all you are bound by is the contract with the dealer that may or may not forbid re-sale of the new car. But secondly, readers are finding that they can get just as much discount without scrappage and won't be bound by a contract not to re-sell the car. Extremely unlikely anyway that you could get more for the new car whether bought on scrappage or a straight discount than you paid for it.
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