Why can't I get the full customer savings on a Clio through Renault's scrappage scheme?

Your scrappage scheme guide quotes a total discount of £4250 off a new Renault Clio, irrespective of whether cash, HP or PCP is used. However, I can get nothing better than an offer of £3500 - which includes a 0 per cent finance deal. They aren't honouring the £4250 off, so have you got this correct on your website?

Asked on 18 September 2017 by Centaur

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Our scrappage guide is correct, £4250 is available on the Renault Clio. This is broken into two parts, a customer saving of £2250 and a scrappage discount of £2000. A saving of £2250 is available on the four-year finance agreements, on 4.9 per cent finance. So you'll get £2000 scrappage allowance on a Clio when you trade-in an eligible vehicle, then you can also get £2250 deposit on a 4.9% finance deal on top of that. But you can't get that £2250 on a 0 per cent finance agreement because, essentially, that £2250 contribution is what you would save on a 0 per cent finance agreement over the four years anyway. The £3500 figure that you're being offered is the £2000 trade-in value, plus the £1500 deposit contribution available through a 0 per cent finance HP.
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