My son became a taxi driver but hasn't told his insurer - will he face issues because of this?

My son became a taxi driver in April last year. He has failed to advise his insurer and still has "mature student" as his occupation with them. He has just changed to a more powerful vehicle and expects an increase in premium on renewal. When he tells his insurer of his error in not updating his status, will he have his insurance cancelled and face difficulty in finding another insurer? Should he come clean and risk this outcome, or should he change insurer on renewal to save any potential problem?

Asked on 5 February 2018 by KenScotland

Answered by Honest John
Firstly, your son is very foolish. You have given an insurer the opportunity to not only not pay out on damage to his own vehicle, but should he injure another party, they can seek those losses off him as well. April is a long time ago, and as such he is committing a fraud. He Needs to advise his insurer of the change in occupation straight away. He can always change insurer at renewal time if needed.
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