Someone scraped my son's car and didn't leave details - do I need to notify my insurer if we aren't claiming?

Someone has scraped my son's car while it was parked. Do I need to tell the insurance company? I'm afraid it would put up his premiums even though it's not his fault. Plus, his car is an old banger.

Asked on 30 January 2018 by Robin Baker

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you have no intention of claiming, then no you do not have to. Insurers may advise I'm wrong, but the need to notify your insurer comes under the Road Traffic Act. The need to notify is required only to assist the insurer in handling any third party claimant you may have caused injury or loss to, or to claim for damages to your own vehicle covered by the contract of insurance. Insurers may only ask questions relevant to their need.
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