A lorry driver hit my car and my insurers say it's my fault - what can I do?

A lorry drove into the rear of my car as he swung onto a slip road to exit the motorway. My insurance company tried to get out of it by saying my policy was pet insurance, then they said the lorry was not on the database so they could not deal with it, and finally they said it was my fault. A manager phoned back saying that because he could not speak to me (I'm deaf), they would not deal with it. Eventually they had my car repaired, but I now find the accident is listed as a fault claim. How can I get the claim listed as no fault if the insurance company refuses to answer my emails?

Asked on 18 January 2018 by Richard Cerny

Answered by Tim Kelly
Appoint a nominee to act and speak on your behalf, that is the first thing to do. Contact your insurer, go through data protection, then give permission for someone else to speak as your "appointed representative". Raise a complaint with your insurer, then contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and raise a complaint with them. Your complaint is that your insurer has acted in conflict to your interest, breaching FCA regulations under ICOBS 8.3.3 by not pursuing the at fault party (or at the very least carrying out appropriate investigations).
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