Is it legal to park on the pavement?

If I park on a wide pavement with double yellow lines painted on the road an I technically parking on double yellow lines?

My son parked his van on a wide pavement so wasn't blocking either the pavement or the road. A traffic warden told him he must have 2 wheels on the road. Im sure this would be illegal as it would mean he is parking on the road. This happened in Edinburgh. Would he still be libel for a parking ticket while parked on the pavement.

Asked on 31 July 2023 by gary

Answered by David Ross
Parking on the pavement is already illegal in London and legislation for councils in Scotland is currently being examined. The law is currently somewhat grey in this area, as the Highway Code states you 'should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it.'

If your son had put two wheels on the road then he could have been given a ticket because of the double yellow lines, but if he is wholly on the pavement it is less clear if he would be given a ticket or not. We recommend not parking on pavements as it's inconsiderate to pedestrians, especially wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. Pavements are for pedestrians, not cars.
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