I'm planning to buy a Volkswagen Touran that hasn't had the emissions fix - is this a good idea?

I'm planning to buy a 2012 Volkswagen Touran that hasn't had the emissions fix. Is it okay to buy the vehicle and not get the emissions fix? Will I be able to get on peacefully with it? It's done 52,000 miles so far.

Asked on 11 January 2018 by Avi

Answered by Honest John
Ill advised. Volkswagen did a tricky thing. To avert various class actions, mid-way through 2017 it issued a statement that it would remain responsible for any problems consequential of the fix for two years from the fix and up to 160,000 miles. That's okay for people who have had the fix. But if a car now goes in for a late fix and something is found to be wrong with it prior to the fix (such as a gummed up EGR) Volkswagen will not necessarily pay for that to be rectified before the emissions fix is carried out.
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