Credit Hire agreement problems - can you help?

Hi, I’ve read your previous posts to help with credit hire agreement problems but I remain confused by the ‘impecunious’ situation. I was encouraged by Churchill to use Auxillis but the other party continue to deny liability and Auxillis have now referred me to Principia Law to recover the credit hire costs. In short I did have funds available (ie not impecunious) but the relevance of this was not explained to me at any stage, and seemingly no mention in the Auxillis terms and conditions I originally signed up to. Is there any advice you have, i’m concerned by possibility of being made liable not only for the inflated hire charges, but also the legal costs.

Asked on 24 December 2017 by Mike jenson

Answered by Tim Kelly
If Auxillis did not explain it to you, then should there be any issue with credit hire, they would have to bear the cost of it. Do you have "after the event insurance?" enquire with Principia Law to make sure you do. Also place in writing that you wish Auxilis to guarantee that not cost will be sought from you in any way.
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