A lorry showered my car in gravel, smashing my windscreen and chipping the paint - should I tell my insurer?

A tipper lorry drove by me and showered my car with stones and gravel at speed. He drove off quickly so I had no time to get the reg number. My windscreen is cracked, which I will claim through my insurance company and pay the excess of £90. The stones left my driver door and bonnet covered in stone chips. My policy says they will cover the damage to the windscreen or window glass and any resultant scratching of the bodywork. It would not affect my NCD, which is 9 years. I'm always wary of what insurance companies will increase next year's premium to, so should I tell them?

Asked on 21 December 2017 by John ODonoghue

Answered by Tim Kelly
The stone chips are not resultant of the glass smashing, so it is not covered by the windscreen policy. Should you wish to have these remedied, you would need to make a full claim.
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