Can an insurer void a claim because I had penalty points?

Previous to having a licence or provisional I received penalty points. I didn’t know I had, as I thought you couldn’t receive points without a licence (this was in June 2014). I applied for my provisional in December 2014 and I wrote my car off in October 2017. My insurance are saying it’s void because I didn’t declare the points, but previous to this claim - about a month before - the same insurers paid out for a bumper that was damaged. Is my claim still valid and shall I dispute it?

Asked on 14 December 2017 by Tony

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, your claim is still valid. They would have to prove that you having points contributed to the accident. If the amount of points you received was a ban, then your license will not be valid. Were you driving the car on a provisional license? If you did not have a passenger with a full license then your claim will be void. Raise a complaint with the insurer and the financial ombudsman service.
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