What's the best way to get short-term car insurance?

I have inherited a car. My mother's car insurance ran out a couple of weeks ago and, as she is over 90, she's decided not to drive anymore. The car is taxed. I want to sell it so don't want to pay a whole years premium. Where can I get short term insurance at a reasonable price? I've been quoted £400 for one month and LV, my insurer, say I have to insure it for a year and pay £40 to cancel the policy.

Asked on 23 November 2017 by Glennis Fryd

Answered by Tim Kelly
You should be able to add it as a second vehicle on your original insurance as a temporary vehicle for a month. You do not have to insure it for a year, and you do not have to pay a cancellation fee. Alternatively, try DayInsure: www.dayinsure.com/temporary-car-insurance

Or try www.mustard.co.uk/car-insurance/specialist/short-t.../
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